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Steven Beer Speaks at the Hudson Valley Music Summit

7:59 am | Uncategorized

Steven Beer was featured as a speaker on the Panel at the Hudson Valley Music Summit on August 9, 2019…

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Are All Works by the U.S. Federal Government in the Public Domain, and If So, Why Would a Documentary Maker Pay an Archive for Them?

12:46 am | Uncategorized

This Q&A was originally published in the Summer 2019 issue of Documentary magazine, a publication of the International Documentary Association,…

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Get Schooled – The Ins and Outs of Educational Distribution

2:23 am | Uncategorized

TO GENERATE INCOME AND ENGAGE NEW AUDIENCES, documentary producers are increasingly turning to educational institutions to distribute their content. This…

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When Filming Abroad, Consider the Laws

12:55 am | Uncategorized

Foreign production and distribution of a documentary raise a variety of distinct legal issues. Here are frequently asked questions about…

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